Reading Group Guide

1. On paper, Frede and Nikki are complete opposites. But beneath the surface, each has a bone-deep self-confidence. Give examples of this.

2. Why, in a day and age when women have made such progress, are there still so many women who lack self-confidence?

3. Is it possible to want to be accepted into a group or clique and not seem needy?

4. Can you ever really fit into a group that you weren’t born into?

5. What are some of the ways women shoot themselves in the foot with their friendships? With their careers?

6. How would Frede advise someone dating an “inappropriate” man? Conversely, what would Nikki say? What would you say?

7. Why does Nikki think it’s so important to join the Junior League? Why does her husband Howard think it’s important?

8. No matter where you are from, we all have learned “the rules” of our worlds, the secret handshakes of life that prove we belong to our world. What are some of “the rules” from the world you are from?

9. Why does Sawyer hide the fact that he has money? Does that make him more or less admirable?

10. Who, really, is the “devil” in the Junior League?

11. How would Frede and Nikki answer these questions?
a. What is your favorite perfume?
b. What is your favorite designer?
c. What is the best car to be seen in?
d. What is your favorite book?
e. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
f. What is your dream vacation?

T h e   G l a s s   K i t c h e n
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m
S u b s c r i b e