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Frede Ware’s 10 Rules of Proper Behavior
Frede Ware’s Guidelines for Proper Dress
The Devil in the Junior League’s Categories of Men
Gossip . . . And Other Acceptable Topics of Conversation
Decorating Tips
Elegant Entertaining
Test Your Socialite I.Q.


No Diamonds Before Dinner: 10 ways women undermine their social success

Charm School 101: Socialite Makeovers

Women’s Wear: What every woman SHOULD and SHOULD NOT have in her closet

Manners, etiquette and style tips for anyone who wants to hobnob with the crème de la crème of society

Fashion: Style vs. Beauty
In New York, fashion is about style, while in Texas, fashion is about beauty.

When the Going Gets Tough, a Socialite Picks Herself Up and Refluffs Her Hair: Confidence, poise, and that certain je ne sais quoi

How to plan the perfect luncheon or dinner party

Speak No Evil: Taboo Topics of Conversation


The Four Nevers:
1. Never dominate a conversation
2. Never speak in a voice that can be heard more than three feet away
3. Never do anything that anyone would notice if they were more than three feet away
4. Never boast of your accomplishments

The Three Don’ts:
5. Don’t look at yourself in the mirror while in public
6. Don’t touch any part of your body while in public (or ever, according to her mother)
7. Don’t eat anything unless you’re sitting at a table

The Two Shames:
8. Sue or Jo should not be attached to perfectly good names like Betty or Carla.
9. French underarm hair should be left to the French. (If you have to wax, then do so but please don’t mention it. What woman can be considered a lady if she raises her arms and looks like a man?)

The Final Word:
10. If at first you fall on your face, the only acceptable response is to pick yourself up, refluff your hair, and go on bigger and better than ever.


Beige is the new black.

Pearls are a girl’s best friend.

One must be fully made up at all times no matter if she is going to the gym, grocery store, or a dinner party.

Never wear warm-ups, even the expensive kind made out of cashmere, unless you’re on your way to the country club to play tennis or golf.

Stilettos are a BIG no-no for committee meetings. Opt for Manolo flats or fabulous Ferragamo low heels instead.

A Louis Vuitton messenger bag is a must-have for meetings and charity work.

Diamonds (with the exception of a stunning—preferably large—engagement ring) should never be worn BEFORE six in the evening . . . And a watch should never be worn AFTER six in the evening . . .

Which begs the question: When can a diamond-encrusted timepiece be worn? Never.


Rich, good-looking men: otherwise known as “Pay Dirt,” since so many rich men have made their money from oil, land, or cattle.

Poor, good-looking men: commonly referred to as “A Shame” . . . for the waste of good looks.

Poor ugly men . . . well, frankly, why bother giving them a name.


Anna: The type of anorexic woman who swears she eats everything in sight, but darn it all, just can’t gain weight.

Blue Light Special: The unfortunate women who bleach their teeth so white they look blue. This breed of women is usually seen with a cup of coffee at all times, only drinks red wine, and more often than not comes from places like California.

BJ: stands for breast job, not blow job, since Junior Leaguers really aren’t the blow job sorts—too messy.

Jolie: Fake lips.

NC: Pronounced Nancy, this is a person with No Class.

Using these in a sentence would go something like this: There’s a Nancy with a Blue Light Special, a really bad BJ, and Jolies the size of inner tubes.


There are four ways of decorating:

1.) With taste: apply Frede Ware’s personal mantra of Understated Elegance
2.) With flash: everything gold, gilt, and gaudy
3.) With trash: those homes decorated by people who believe it’s a coup to find some “treasure” in a junkyard
4.) With no rules: houses where nothing blends or coordinates, just a startling mix of this and that, which assaults the senses


1. Lunch—Must Haves: Casual bone china, linen napkins, and fresh flowers

Chicken Salad
Avocado & Fresh Fruit
Apricot Tarts
Sweet Tea

Luncheon Recipes:

Chicken Salad
Prepare traditional chicken salad, add almonds and vertically cut seedless grapes. Serve on ½ ripe avocado over a bed of lettuce, and surround with fresh fruit. Drizzle with Good Seasons cheese-garlic dressing mix.

Apricot Tarts
Preheat oven: 375 degrees

1 cup sifted all-purpose flour
Dash of salt
½ cup butter or margarine
4 ounces cream cheese
1 10-oz jar apricot preserves
Powdered sugar

Sift flour and salt into bowl, cut in softened butter and softened cream cheese to flour and salt until well mixed. On floured surface, roll out dough. Using 3 to 3 ½ inch round cookie cutter, cut out circles. Fill with teaspoon preserves in center. Fold over until edges meet. Gently press edges together with fork. On slightly greased cookie sheet, bake 10 to 15 minutes. Cook on rack. Sprinkle with powdered sugar will still slightly warm.

2. Dinner—Must Haves: Handwritten menu cards, formal place settings, fresh flowers, and complimenting wines and champagnes for each course

Baked Oysters En Croute
Hot Consomme Brunoise
Lobster de Luxe
Fillet of Beef with Marchand de Vin Sauce
Herbed New Potatoes and Green Beans Almondine
Cherry Tomatoes severed on Belgian Endive with Vinegarette
Champagne Sorbet
Assorted Chesse and Fruit
Chocolate Soufflé
Coffee and Tea
T h e   G l a s s   K i t c h e n
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m
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